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Aviata Light Bright Solar Shield Club Goalkeeper Gloves

The men\’s Light Bright Solar Shield Club Goalkeeper Gloves from Aviata feature a Flat Hybrid/Roll Tip Cut, and a classic elastic stretch cuff. These gloves are perfect for any keeper looking to up their game.


  • Protection: 5 FINGER EXO-SKELL NON REMOVABLE PROTECTION Cut: Flat Hybrid/Roll Tip Cut
  • Palm: Super Low Extra Durable 3mm
  • Backhand: Dumbex Soft Latex
  • Fit:True to Size Comfort Fit
  • Body: Pro Mesh Breathe Body
  • Wristband: Classic Elastic Strech Wrist band

Goalkeeper Glove Sizing

  • Measure the circumference of your palm just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb
  • Round up to the next whole inch and add 1 to the measurement. Example: 7.5\” -> 8.0\” +1\” = Size 9
  • Measure both hands, and order the bigger size if they are different
  • Goalkeeping gloves should be worn big, generally 1/2\”-1\” over the end of your fingertips
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